Making Waves is excited to bring you the world's first Talent Sharing Network. We help artists, and venues bypass the middle man, and with the help of some talented booking agents, get direct access to each other! Using our unique platform you can browse artists in your area, directly connect, communicate, and book through our platform!

Musicians who sign up with us gain access to a whole suite of complimentary services, including an out of the box website solution, ecommerce, calendar features and MORE!

Solo Artists and Bands

Browse our list of talented LOCAL performers, including DJ's, Singers, Musicians!  Browse their profiles, learn more about them, follow them, buy products, and merchandise and more!


Browse a list of venues that our artists perform at.  View calendars of events, make reservations, purchase event tickets, merchandise and much more!


View a list of agents that work with our artists.  Learn more about their skill sets, expertise, find out other artists that they work with and learn about opportunities to grow your own career if your ready.

Our Services

Making Waves Booking Agency is looking for fresh, new, and up-coming DJ talent to serve our clientele in Lake County Florida. Equipment, and experience not required, but raw talent, good attitude, professionalism, and passion for music and the art of DJing is a must! Please tag anyone you know who might be interested.
All who are interested, please send us your contact information asap.

Are You a Performer?

Making Waves Agency is in search of awesome, upcoming, and unique talent to add to our portfolio.  No crazy contracts, no commitments.  Sign up today to get your FREE website profile that you can start sharing with your prospects, friends, or families.  Connect to venues and agents directly through our site and only pay when you make money!  Let us handle all the hard work of promoting, so you can focus on what you do best!

Do You Have a Local Venue?

Making Waves Agency specializes in connecting unique talent with unique venues!  If you have a venue, whether it be a bar, restaraunt, or organizing an event, we can help you connect with the perfect, newest, and freshest talent in your area!  Click below to create your free business listing with our site and let us handle the rest.  On your FREE profile you can promote your venue, sale tickets, keep a running calendar that can be embedded on your website, and much more!

Looking For Talent Agents!

If you are looking for the perfect platform to promote your artists you represent, you've found the perfect place!  Your FREE profile allows you to organize events, promote to local venues, and get discovered as an agent!  From here you can manage your artists profiles, venue profiles, promote your agency business, create and manage artists/venue calendars and much more!  Join today to work directly with us to help you reach your potential!


First Talent-Sharing network!

We are focused on the being the world leader in Talent-Sharing.

We are taking the middle man out of talent booking and services and bringing the entertainment directly to consumers, decreasing costs to venues, increasing profits for agents and talent, and making it making the entire industry better.

Making Waves Agency is doing for the talent acquisition business what uber did for transportation.  Taking it to the people!

Click the map to discover artists, venues, events, and agents in your area.  Nothing in your area?  Be a leader and get it started.

Growth... One person at a time!

Artists Represented

We are excited to represent amazing, fresh, up-coming new talent.  Browse artists profiles, find artists based on your interest, follow them, share them, buy merchandise, tickets, and more!

Venues Represented

Intrinsically integrate diverse action items for team building best practices. Globally supply covalent ROI via e-business markets, assertively.

Agents Represented

Intrinsically integrate diverse action items for team building best practices. Globally supply covalent ROI via e-business markets, assertively.

Our Special Clients

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